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  • What is a Woven Label?
    The loom label is made of loom thread and label material. Two materials are often used for woven labels: polyester and cotton. Woven labels are of higher quality and more robust than printed labels. The woven label is designed on a jacquard loom and the threads are woven to create the intended design. Due to the weaving process, weaving labels work best with labels of 12 colors or less.
  • What is a LOGO LABEL Qatar Woven Label?
    The word LOGO LABEL Qatar is often heard when we talk about woven labels. LOGO LABEL Qatar is a reversible pattern found in fabrics created by weaving. Looking at the back of the label, there is a carefully woven thread that looks like a mirror image of the pattern that appears on the right side of the label itself. This is a LOGO LABEL Qatar fabric that creates strong and vibrant patterns and labels.
  • Choose the Professional Finish for your Woven Label
    From creative concepts to fabric label selection, we've put valuable time and energy into every aspect of our work to create the final stitch. LOGO LABEL Qatar woven labels complement your hard work, reflect your vision and represent your brand in other parts of the world.
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